Tupper Hawley
Tupper’s parents Bill and Sammy Heaton were artists who moved to Taos in 1955 when she was six weeks old. Tup­per became adept at metal work while working in her father’s studio as a child, and learned well the metal montage tech­nique invented by her parents known as ‘metal mosaic’. The complicated process is an integral part of her magnificent copper creations.

Artist’s Statement
“I like to express the beauty of all that I see and feel in my art, from the majestic snow-capped Taos Mountains to the radiant blossoms of spring, in Taos Valley. I love bright, expressive textures and colors. Glass is an exciting medium to express the vibrancy I see. Since the passing of my only son, Anthony Concha, in 1996, I have poured my heart into making art that reflects my love for him as well as my hope of our reunion yet to come.”

Richard St. John Hawley
Richard grew up in Taos, New Mexico, the son of artist Ann St. John Hawley and the late Dr. Robert Hawley. Encouraged by his parents, Richard explored many mediums of art and tested his skills at drawing, painting and sculpting, in wood, stone and clay. Through his efforts, he developed a wonderful sense of color, form and texture. It was in his early youth that he became fascinated with the history and culture of the Taos Valley. Richard began to concentrate his efforts on working in clay. He spent much of his spare time studying and searching for native clays from the Taos region. After high school he went on to be formally educated in ceramics at the University of Kansas and the University of New Mexico, furthering his artistic skills. In the years following college, he devoted his energy to the study and development of his own variation of the ancient Japanese firing process known as Raku, for which he is internationally recognized as a master. He is a highly sought after instructor and has taught countless workshops and presented solo demonstrations of his own unique style.

Artist Statement
I describe my art, both the Raku pottery and the metal mosaics, as “Chosen Vessels,” a metaphor for human potential. We are vessels which should be filled with the Spirit of God, life and joy.

To learn more about Raku and Copper Mosaic art, or to make a purchase, please call Richard and Tupper directly at 575-751-3090 or through e-mail at richtup@taosnet.com.